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Moondo Records, founded in 2000 by juan carlos quintero, began as a vehicle for licensing recorded & published music to record labels & distributors. Following years of various licensing and record deals, JC (and partners) began signing World Music artists for distribution through its association with independent distributors leading to a new association with Ryko/WEA Distribution. The mission evolved into a label poised to market music for the discerning music listener with a passion for good global music.

Although, the focus remains "the adult demographic", JC maintains Moondo music is for everyone, "Given the opportunutiy, good music can reach audiences of all ages, ethnicity and economic base". Releasing music from around the globe along with an attractive package has helped establish the Moondo brand while providing new opportunities in the market.

n the spirit of moving forward, JC attracted a new alliance with Innerknot Inc., a label headed by Amy Priore, who helped define a new distribution path with Ryko Distribution-a distribution firm embracing the Moondo model able to expand the Moondo base previously established over five years in the market place.

As always, new opportunities create new direction with re-newed focus. In addition to securing distribution with Ryko Distribution, 2007 emerged with an opportunity to develop Tenure Records-a new label co-owned by Moondo Records Inc. and Innerknot Inc.

Tenure Records is a label providing the ideal platform for artists whose music reaches beyond the genre/category of Moondo Records or Innerknot Inc. - the merge has attracted artists whose music direction include Jazz, Brazilian, Smooth Jazz, Salsa and beyond.

The future will evolve (as always)while the mission remains to combine the forces (of Moondo Records & Tenure Records) to creatively market music and establish clear paths so each unique release will find its audience.







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