Exotic & sensual sounds blend Afro-Peruvian & Andean traditional styles w/ Jazz & flamenco rhythms that celebrate the rich, cultural diversity of the Americas. A 20th anniversary collection of treasured pieces...

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Our mission is to transcend national, cultural and political barriers through our music.

By playing indigenous and contemporary instruments, our compositions strive to blend our traditions and dreams, styles and innovation as faithfully and respectfully as we can. Our inspiration comes from our personal experiences in our homelands, traveling, and while living, studying and working in the USA. Our message is to express musically the wonders and magic of the timeless cultures of the Americas, all of them..

Rooted on the ideals of the Latin American New Song (nueva cancion or trova) movement of the 1970's, our style is mainly an instrumental fusion of Andean, Afro-Peruvian, jazz, rock and classical influences.

Huayucaltia’s name (why-you-call-tia) is derived from the Nahuatl word huayolcayotl which literally means kinship; we interpret it to suggests unity and brotherhood.

The group got together in 1985 in Los Angeles, California, where we acquired a loyal audience. We have toured throughout the West Coast, Southeast and Midwest of the United States, and Perú.

Huayucaltia is made up of four immigrants from four South American countries and a U.S.-born citizen: Cindy Harding from Palo Alto, California, Julio Ledezma from Misiones, Argentina, Hernan Pinilla from Bogota, Colombia, Antonio Ezkauriatza from Mexico City via Monterrey, and Peruvian Ciro Hurtado, from Moyobamba via Lima.

The LA Weekly's Best of Los Angeles Music Awards nominated Huayucaltia as 2001 and 2002 best World Music/Recombinant band and was a favorite among readers in the MVP (Most Valuable Performer) category.

During spring, 2002 the band received a Proclamation from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for their participation in the Summer Nights at the Ford series to sold-out audiences and their contributions to the community over the years.

On September 11th, 2003, Huayucaltia, along The Opus 7 Singers directed by Ariel Quintanilla, performed "Misa Criolla" by Argentine composer Ariel Ramirez at the Hollywood Bowl to critical acclaim. This was the opening act for the L.A. Philarmonic's performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony.

In 2004 the band performed at San Juan Capistrano Regional Library Music Series' 15th Anniversary Celebration where Huayucaltia was the very first organization to be presented.

We are currently celebrating our 20th Anniversary and will feature "The Best of Huayucaltia" album in the near future







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